Blind Designs™ Channel X Blinds

Channel X Outdoor Blinds feature side channels to enclose the blind. This makes the blind safer to lift up and down, gives a complete wall to wall nish and provides for better insulation and weather protection. Channel X Blinds are secured at the bottom (or at halfway if you wish) using a central turn knob for maximum convenience.


Max Width:5100mm
Max Length:44000mm
PrivacyDaytime views & privacy, Night time no privacy (One privacy range available)
Light ControlDiffused light
OperationCrank Handle, 220V motor
CleaningCan be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth.
Suitable forSuitable for the side channels allowing you to move the blind into any position without securing the blind at the bottom. Channel X is suitable for controlling sun and glare and offering a degree of weather protection for your outdoor area.
AvoidIrregular openings that aren’t perfectly square or openings that have stepped tiles or skirtings’ interfering with the opening. Be aware that the fabric will not be contained inside the channel at all times as gusts of wind can blow the fabric out. Also avoid if you require full weather protection for your outdoor area.


• 220V Motorisation
• Several Fabric Swatches