Ideal Awnings® Retractable® Awning

Making the best of sun and shade - retractable awnings are great for decks, patios, and windows. You can extend them as and when you need them. Many retractable awnings are vulnerable to strong winds and rain so we recommended that they be left closed when unattended.

Automating it means you can deploy or retract them at the touch of a button and thanks to rain, light, and wind sensors, they can automatically deploy in the morning, evening, or changing weather conditions.

Retractable Awning Range:

Helios: Ideal when just a 2.5m projection is needed, this light weight frame with double springs ensure a tough, durable long service retraction system.

Solis: Our premium range frames, robustly engineered to handle up to 4m projections, they feature a stainless steel chain elbow joint and double heavy duty springs for extra length and durability!

Apollo: Ideal for large areas and especially suited for commercial applications such as outdoor cafés, restaurants and function venues, this grandmaster of all retractable awnings can cost-effectively expand your shaded space and eliminate the use of multiple devices. Triple heavy duty springs, double stainless steel chain and a frame of peerless strength all add up to a massive projection of 5m - the only one in SA. As wide as 12m - your 60m2 retractable awning is like adding another venue to your outdoor area!

Eclipse: Where there is no roof or eave above it, this full cassette awning featuring Solis components retracts fully into a stylish aluminium housing. It is exceptionally neat and prolongs component and fabric life.

Retractable Awnings

Drop Arm Retractable Awning
Ford Arm Retractable Awning