Luxaflex速 Duette速 Shades

Duette速 32 mm blinds are made from unique honeycomb fabric with permanent pleats. It is a durable and highly energy-efficient product.

The fabric is UV resistant, fully washable (excluding block-out fabrics), and requires a minimal stacking space.

Duette速 Shades can be applied to unusual window shapes (i.e. arches or triangular openings) and can be used in conservatories, skylights, as well as on tilt and turn windows.

Fabrics available

Transparent: Allows visibility during the day, however, when the interior is lighter than the exterior, privacy is lost.

Translucent: Allows natural diffused light in during the day and provides privacy at night.

Block-out: The honeycomb cavity is lined with metallic foil, which does not allow any light through the fabric, however, a halo is evident around the edges


Various colours available
Designed with safety
Features a retractable pull cord
Operate your shades with a remote control